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What are the “Greatest Moments” in Star Wars?

February 24, 2021

Welcome to the 67th episode of the WhoDatJedi podcast! This week, your hosts -- Aaron Svoboda (@Aaron_Svoboda), Alfredo Narvaez (@NOLA_Fredo) and David Gladow (@davegladow) -- have a little fun with a feature that ran in a special Star Wars edition of Time Magazine (reissue, but on news stands now!) and name their "Greatest Star Wars Moments." Where did the Time feature come up short? Did Aaron begrudgingly give the prequels their due? Was Dave able to narrow his list down to a manageable level? And how far off script did Fredo venture? Also, what giant, glaring omission did the group leave off their collective lists? All of that, plus a special reworked trivia session and a spirited news discussion are on this week's show!

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