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Live movie discussion: ‘The Phantom Menace’

January 20, 2021

For the 61st episode of the WhoDatJedi podcast, your hosts -- Aaron Svoboda (@Aaron_Svoboda), Alfredo Narvaez (@NOLA_Fredo) and David Gladow (@davegladow) -- provide a brand new commentary track, this time for "The Phantom Menace." It's a fun conversation, covering the problems with the movie and the mixed reaction it has experienced, but also leaning into the positive traits the movie has ... and some of the how of why the movie is the way it is. What's the real meaning of the title "The Phantom Menace?" Is the unorthodox structure a weakness or a strength? Is the pod race sequence vital or disposable? And how does this ending hold up compared to the other movies? We have answers.

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Song credit: Far, Far Away (Star Wars Jazz), by the Swamp Donkeys
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